3 Ways The Real Estate Industry Has Changed Over The Last 10 Years

The real estate industry is like the weather always evolving and changing. It’s a new era in real estate, again. Technology has and will continue to dramatically influenced the standards in the daily goings on of the real estate business. Even more sophisticated, user friendly business models have grown out of the changes to serve consumers’ needs better in every area of life. Read on as we explore some of the ways the real estate industry has changed in the last ten years. 

Online Listings

This is obvious at this point. Technology is a critical player in how the DFW real estate industry in has changed in the last ten years. Whether it is for selling houses or selling land, online listings have become the main method of marketing property. As a buyer scrolls through online listings there is only one chance to make a great first impression. Among the sellers’ expectations from their agent is the use of high quality digital photography and overhead drone footage of the interior and exterior which are now the industry standards. To this end, top agents market properties on multiple websites and utilize the services of professionals to snatch the attention of potential buyers. With these detailed photos in mind, staging properties has risen to the forefront of the industry. This raises the experience for buyers as they view the space as the driving force, removing the sellers personal items that show possession, and using neutral tones throughout the home. Pricing your home right from the get go has never been more critical; setting the wrong listing price could eliminate your property from the right buyer’s search because your number is either too high or too low. These changes in the real estate industry have also made properties in less than perfect condition challenging to sell through an online platform at todays market value.

Buyers Habits

Buyers have become pros at searching online listings when searching for a home. This is our second of the ways the real estate industry has changed in the last ten years. Expectations have changed for tech savvy buyer who scroll through properties online, unfortunately, presenting a property with that lived in feeling and sub-quality photos to this audience typically raises a red flag, turning them off on the listing and the property. However, because of the speed at which these buyers can now review a ton of data you’ll find the buyers you deal with are well aware of how much your home is worth. They understand the implication when a price is too low. There’s probably something wrong that the agent doesn’t mention in the online listing. The assumption with an unrealistic listing price, negotiating with the sellers may be challenging. Today’s buyers prefer properties that are in move in condition. Homes that require noticeable repairs typically receive low ball offers, if any come at all.

Hybrid Agent Investors

One of the most remarkable ways the real estate industry has changed in the last ten years is the combination of a professional real estate investor with a real estate agent. Once you’ve met with your hybrid agent investor, they will present you with an explanation of two potential selling solutions, detailing the expenses and profits from a traditional MLS listing compared with a direct sale to your hybrid agent investor. Then, it’s up to you to decide which option is best suited to your financial and personal needs and goals. The goal of a hybrid agent investor is to provide you with all of the necessary information for you to make an educated decision about what is best for you because we want you to feel good about your decision long after the transaction, and we do this with no obligation.

Acting as a professional investor, your hybrid agent investor will work quickly assess your home and the power of cash on hand to promptly purchase and rehab your property. In addition, working as an experienced real estate agent they can market and sell homes, utilizing the latest advances in technology. Because they’ve spent years networking within both the investor side of real estate and throughout their career as an agent, with this vast amount of connections, word of mouth quickly spreads on available properties to buyers of all types. So no matter the condition of your home, or any time constraints, you’ll find the solution with a hybrid agent investor to help you over any hurdles you may feel stand in the way of your sale. The emergence of the high-tech and highly savvy hybrid agent investor is one of the most significant ways the real estate industry has changed in the last ten years.  Buying or selling your home may be the most substantial financial transaction of your life, so why not find out how this revolutionary combination can benefit you?

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